Are Asian Eyelid Surgery Results Permanent?

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Are Asian Eyelid Surgery Results Permanent?

The best eyelid surgeon will be able to provide a unique number of services to help you achieve your unique cosmetic goals. Whether you are looking to prevent aging signs or you want to boost the volume of your lids, you can find the procedure you need to get great results that you will love. But are Asian eyelid surgery results permanent?

One of the most unique forms of eyelid surgery that we offer is Asian eyelid surgery, which is also known as a double lid lift. This procedure helps those with a monolid develop a natural upper crease, which can add volume and youth to the areas around the eyes. This typically includes patients of East Asian descent, though anyone without a natural upper lid crease can be eligible for this surgery.

Are Asian Eyelid Surgery Results Permanent?

Below, we will answer some pressing questions about the procedure. What are the different types of Asian eyelid surgery available? Are Asian eyelid surgery results permanent? Find out more in our quick guide below.

What Is Asian Blepharoplasty?

Asian eyelid surgery is designed to create a defining crease in the upper eyelid. Usually, individuals who are born without a natural eyelid crease are going to want this procedure to keep their eyes looking full and young. Though some are concerned that it will erase the unique shape of their eyes that makes them look Asian, the procedure actually enhances what is naturally there without taking any part of you away.

The primary goal of Asian eyelid surgery is to create a double eyelid fold, which can help to open up the eyes, create a more defined upper eyelid contour, and provide a wider, more awake appearance. This procedure can address concerns such as drooping or single eyelids, which can make the eyes appear smaller and less defined than you might like.

How Asian Blepharoplasty Works

During the surgery, the surgeon makes an incision along the upper eyelid to create a new crease. The location and shape of the crease can be customized according to the patient’s preferences and facial anatomy. In some cases, additional techniques such as fat grafting or skin tightening may be used to further enhance the results.

Additionally, Asian eyelid surgery can also address functional concerns such as ptosis or drooping eyelids, which may interfere with vision and cause discomfort. By creating a more defined eyelid crease, the surgery can help to lift and support the eyelids, improving both the appearance and function of the eyes.

Do Asian Eyelid Surgery Results Last Forever?

One of the key benefits of Asian eyelid surgery is the improvement in overall facial aesthetics. By creating a double eyelid fold, the eyes can appear larger, brighter, and more symmetrical, leading to a more harmonious balance between the eyes and other facial features. This can enhance your confidence and self-esteem, leading to a positive impact on your quality of life.

It is important to note that while the results of the surgery can be long-lasting, they are not necessarily permanent. Like any cosmetic procedure, the effects of Asian eyelid surgery can be influenced by factors such as aging, genetics, and lifestyle habits. There are several steps you can take to maintain your results and prolong your youthful look, such as investing in a skincare routine and avoiding damage from the sun.

Keeping Your Eyelids in Great Shape

Over time, the skin and tissues of the eyelids may continue to change due to the natural aging process, leading to potential changes in the appearance of the eyelid crease. Additionally, factors such as weight fluctuations or the use of certain skincare products may also impact the longevity of the results. The type of Asian eyelid surgery that you get can also determine the longevity of your results.

However, with proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy this new and improved look for many years. Patients need to follow their surgeon’s post-operative instructions. This can include avoiding excessive sun exposure, refraining from smoking, and using gentle skincare products around the eyes.

Learn More About Asian Blepharoplasty Today

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Asian eyelid surgery, get in touch with our experts to schedule a personal consultation. Asian eyelid surgery is a highly recommended surgical intervention that can help you achieve a more defined and aesthetically pleasing eyelid contour. By understanding the potential benefits and limitations of Asian eyelid surgery, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this procedure is right for you. Visit us online or give us a call to get started.