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concept of recovery and care tips after Asian eyelid surgery

Recovery and Care Tips After Asian Eyelid Surgery

When preparing to undergo any kind of operation, even one that is simply cosmetic on the exterior of the body, it helps to know exactly what you can expect from the recovery process after your surgery is complete. In addition, we provide some recovery and care tips after Asian eyelid surgery to enhance your experience. … Read more

concept of woman wondering if 30 is too young for a brow lift

Is 30 Too Young for a Brow Lift?

Becoming an adult means growing up fast. For some, the signs of aging are coming a little too quickly. Those dealing with wrinkles or sags in their skin might want to invest in a brow lift to help restore some of that youthful shine. But, how old is too old? And, how young is too … Read more

concept of woman checking if aging cause dark circles in mirrow

Why Does Aging Cause Dark Circles?

Whether you are unusually stressed or tired these days, you may be starting to notice the emergence of dark circles below your eyes. These dark spots and bags under the eyes are one of the most common symptoms of aging, but there may be other stress-related factors causing your skin to age too rapidly. It … Read more

concept of common causes of excessive tearing

Common Causes of Excessive Tearing

Do you have excessively watery eyes? Are you producing too many tears for comfort? If you can’t stop crying or you feel like your eyes are so sensitive no matter what you do, you might be suffering from one of many conditions. Your eye doctor might want you to learn about the most common causes … Read more

concept of eyelid skin cancer statistics

Eyelid Skin Cancer Statistics

Your eyes are protected by strong bony sockets known as orbits. However, the thin tissue around them, including your lower and upper eyelids is very vulnerable to sun damage. This is one of the leading causes of eyelid cancer, although physical trauma and smoking habits can also play a huge role in the development of … Read more

concept image of cause of droopy eyelids

3 Causes of Droopy Eyelids

Drooping eyelids can be a cause of age and use over time, but it may also be a sign of another underlying condition. If you are worried about how your upper eyelids sag, you might be interested to learn about the top 3 causes of droopy eyelids. Depending on your medical and aesthetic needs, you … Read more

concept iamge of eye shape change

Can Eye Shape Change By Itself?

Eye shape is largely determined by genetics. But can eye shape change by itself? Your eyes will grow throughout your childhood and adolescent years, but the shape of your eyes as they appear to you and others will not generally change. Can Eye Shape Change By Itself? Of course, there are exceptions. An injury or … Read more

concept image of woman ready for revision eyelid surgery

Top Reasons for Revision Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a delicate procedure that requires years of training and an intimate understanding of the anatomical structures of the eye. For this reason it is generally recommended that you use a specialist if you choose to have cosmetic eye surgery. Let’s look at the top reasons for revision eyelid surgery. Top Reasons for … Read more

concept image of woman wondering if brow lift fixes wrinkles

Does a Brow Lift Fix Wrinkles?

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that targets the brows and forehead region. The procedure can help to smooth and remove wrinkles above the brows, but the effect is limited to the treated area. So, does a brow lift fix wrinkles? Does a Brow Lift Fix Wrinkles? Essentially, a brow lift tightens the … Read more

concept image for Top Signs You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery

Top Signs You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery

A blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery used to remove excess skin and shift the positioning of fat pads as necessary. In the hands of a qualified surgeon, a blepharoplasty can make you look years younger while removing potential obstacles to your vision. Let’s look at the top signs you need revision eyelid surgery. Top Signs … Read more