Common Causes of Excessive Tearing

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Common Causes of Excessive Tearing

Do you have excessively watery eyes? Are you producing too many tears for comfort? If you can’t stop crying or you feel like your eyes are so sensitive no matter what you do, you might be suffering from one of many conditions. Your eye doctor might want you to learn about the most common causes of excessive tearing and the available treatments that you can rely on at your local office of eyelid surgery in Minneapolis. Get educated and get top-notch treatment at Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota today!

What is Excessive Tearing?

Excessive tearing simply defines what happens when your eyes are producing too many tears. Overactive tear ducts can stem from a number of symptoms, which we will describe below. Tears happen when your body is trying to flush out a toxin, causing your eyes to get watery. But if this is happening every day or unexpectedly, there may be more to it. Below, we will talk about some of the most common causes of tearing and what you can do about it right away.

Common Causes of Excessive Tearing

Some of the most prominent causes of eye tearing, also known as watery eye, can include one or more of the following:

  • Dry eyes: Your eyes aren’t producing the regular amount of tears needed to clean out the tear duct.
  • Pink eye: This is a contagious condition that is spread virally through contact with skin or hair.
  • Allergies: Whether seasonal or permanent, allergies can cause you to feel the effects of swelling and inflammation. Your sinuses may be more sensitive than usual, leading to symptoms such as overactive tearing, sneezing, and wheezing.
  • Blockage in the tear duct: Whether due to invasive dirt or an internal tumor, a blockage can occur in the eyes. This may lead to excessive watering as the eye attempts to get rid of the toxin.
  • Blepharitis: Also known as eyelid inflammation, blepharitis happens for a number of reasons. There can be a blockage or an irritation that causes the outer lids to swell.

No matter the cause of watery eyes, it is important to visit your doctor right away. Even if your eyes are watering for a non-urgent reason – such as an ingrown eyelash – leaving it unattended can make matters worse. Make sure you reach out to our experts today and seek out top-notch treatment to leave your eyes in the best of health.

Best Treatments for Excessive Tearing

You may be wondering when to see an eye doctor about your excessive watering condition. And the answer is almost always right away. Your doctor will assess why you are dealing with the problem of watery eyes and prescribe the perfect treatment for you.

Treatments may include over-the-counter medications for your tear ducts, as well as eye drops that contain artificial tears for you to use on a daily basis. This may help balance out the moisture your eyes receive, as well as make it easier for your eyes to recover from whatever the underlying condition is. You may also need to put warm compresses on your eyes for several minutes. Eye surgery remains an extreme measure that can be used as a last resort when no other treatment is effective.

Learn More with Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota Today

If you are dealing with excessive tearing and it is starting to affect the quality of your daily life, make sure to get in touch with us right away. We provide top-notch treatment for excessive tearing that can include personalized medications and even a surgical consultation if needed. Get in touch with our experts today and rest assured that you are in best of hands when you sign up for a consultation today.