Lifestyle Factors That Lead to Dark Circles

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Lifestyle Factors That Lead to Dark Circles

If you wake up with consistently dark circles or growing bags under your eyes, you may deal with more stress than you realize. The result of illness and fatigue shows up on your face first, making you look more aged and sickly by the day. Whether or not you are taking proactive steps to boost the health of your skin, you may still be participating in certain lifestyle factors that lead to dark circles and swelling. Below we cover lifestyle factors that lead to dark circles.

Lifestyle Factors That Lead to Dark Circles

Patients across Minnesota often seek fast-acting solutions to their dark circles and other under-eye blemishes, and Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota offers premier treatment for dark circles. Take a look at this list of bad lifestyle habits that lead to dark circles so you know exactly what problems you need to solve when you visit your eyelid surgeon.

Why Do Eyes React to Stress?

The dark circles forming under your eyes may seem like just an annoying part of getting older, but they often signify an underlying health issue. The longer you go on without seeking proper treatment, the more prominent these dark circles will become. If you are tired of looking tired, then you need to find a way to get rid of your dark circles while also addressing the stress that is causing your body to lose sleep and health.

The skin surrounding your eyes and eyelids is super thin, so it is the first to show signs of aging or injury through dark circles and puffy bags. Dark circles are a result of blood vessels breaking underneath the skin, showing through your translucent skin. You may also have puffy under-eye bags due to dehydration and general poor health.

Lifestyle Factors to Avoid

The best way to reduce dark circles under your eyes is to determine the underlying cause of your struggles. From general stress to medical maladies, there are a number of reasons why the health of your skin may not be in such a great state. Let us take a look at some everyday habits or illnesses that might be contributing to your struggles:

Lack of Sleep

A lot of adults feel stressed out by their jobs. If work is keeping you up at night, or you are getting lost in thought worrying about your job, then you are likely losing sleep that your body needs to stay healthy. Even if you feel that you sleep enough hours at night, you might not ever feel fully awake. This lack of restful sleep can be a huge indication that you are not balancing work and relaxation, which has deteriorating effects on your appearance.


Similar to fatigue, stress can cause a huge interruption in your daily life. A lack of sleep leads to dehydration, depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs to function properly. Your skin is the first of your organs to show the physical signs of stress, often in the form of dark circles or under-eye bags. This puffiness and irritation will only get worse the longer it goes untreated.


Ptosis is the medical term for drooping eyelids, which can happen as a result of age or injury. When the skin starts to lose its elasticity and muscles weaken, it sags in front of the eyes. This can lead to an aged or tired appearance that can even block your ability to see if you do not seek treatment right away. If you are dealing with too much drooping and discoloration, you could benefit from customized eyelid surgery techniques.

Remove Dark Circles with Lower Eyelid Surgery

At Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota, we do not compromise when it comes to the unification of your health and appearance. The dark, puffy, or hollow bags under your eyes can be treated, but only if you act quickly. If you no longer want to look tired and defeated every time you look in the mirror, then you can sign up to become a candidate for a personalized dark circle treatment designed around your needs.

Lower eyelid surgery is a go-to treatment option for those looking to lift years off of their appearance and rejuvenate the skin under their eyes. However, it is not the only method of treating the puffy circles that have shown up beneath your lower eyelids. You can also sign up for dermal fillers, which add volume and smoothness to your face without forcing you to go under the knife. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today to start getting rid of your dark circles.