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Unique Brow Lift Benefits

A brow lift is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your face with as little surgical intervention as possible. This relatively simple procedure lifts the forehead, eyes, and the surrounding structures to give you a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Let’s look at some unique brow lift benefits.

Unique Brow Lift Benefits

In fact, you may be surprised to find out that brow lifts come with a whole host of unique benefits that other plastic surgeries may not provide. These are just a few of the benefits that you should consider when it comes to giving your face a little lift.

Reducing Forehead Lines

The primary goal of your brow lift in Minneapolis is to place your brows in their original position. Reconfiguring the skin on your forehead is important to that mission. That is why brow lifts are also called forehead lifts.

With a traditional brow lift, your surgeon will use the forehead skin to help lift the position of your brows. As a result, you will have significantly less visible wrinkling across your forehead. In many cases, you will not have any visible wrinkling when your face is at rest.

To maintain a more natural look, your surgeon is unlikely to be overly aggressive with your forehead skin. Light wrinkling may be visible, especially as your expressions change. Ideally, you want your forehead skin to match the rest of your face, so it should be expressive.

Reclaims Your Brow Arch

When you get a brow lift, your surgeon doesn’t just elevate the skin. They carefully contour the area to give the most natural look possible. The arch of your brows is a big part of that.

As we age and our facial skin sags, our eyebrows fall with it. This change can make your eyebrows appear flat or even give them an inverted arch as the sagging skin puts pressure on the upper eyelid. These changes can make you look tired and unhappy.

During your brow lift, your board-certified eye surgeon will gently restore that natural arch in your brows. It’s a minor change, but it makes a world of difference to your overall appearance and how other people perceive your temperament.

Lifts the Upper Eye

In some cases, brows sag so low that they physically weigh down the upper eyelid. It can get so bad that it interferes with your vision. In this case, a brow lift and an upper blepharoplasty may be medically necessary to restore your eyesight.

Even in cases where your brow is not yet obscuring your vision, it can still be very uncomfortable. Getting a brow lift can immediately relieve that weight, while also giving your face a more alert and youthful appearance.

Softens Lining Around the Eyes

A brow lift is not designed to remove crows feet. However, the process may soften their appearance in some cases. In addition to softer outer-eye lines, you can also expect a reduction in the appearance of wrinkling across the upper part of your nose and between your brows.

Everyone’s face is different, and we age at different rates. If crows feet and other eye-adjacent wrinkles are really bothering you, your surgeon can give you their assessment of how much improvement you’re likely to see.

If noticeable improvement isn’t likely, feel free to ask about add-on procedures that will target those areas. Cosmetic surgery is an ordeal, and you deserve to have meaningful results that help you to feel more like yourself.

Getting Started

Pairing a brow lift with an eyelid surgery in St. Paul is a great way to instantly remove a few years without the trials and tribulations of a more extensive plastic surgery procedure. To learn more about what a brow lift can do for you, talk to your cosmetic eye surgeon today.