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What To Expect in a Revision Surgery Consultation

Knowing what to expect in a revision surgery consultation can help set you up for success with your procedure. Below we cover the details.

What To Expect in a Revision Surgery Consultation

Among the common plastic surgery operations, eyelid surgery is oftentimes considered to be among the most delicate and complex. This means that unfortunately, there’s a higher chance of some operative mishap occurring at some point due to the complex nature of the surgery.

Fortunately, talented physicians can correct mishaps you might suffer in the original operation with a revision surgery. Before they do this, you’ll have to schedule a consultation to discuss some pertinent details of your upcoming operation.

Here are some of the things you can expect to discuss with your physician at a revision surgery consultation.

Your Surgical History

One of the main topics of conversation with your doctor will likely include your surgical history, with the focal point likely being your recent eyelid surgery.

Aside from describing your experience with your former eyelid surgery, your physician will also look into other aspects of your medical history, in order to determine whether any of your medical history will impact the effects of the revision surgery.

Depending on some elements of your medical history, you may find yourself with some minor limitations in terms of how extensive your surgery experience can be. This will be articulated to you by your physician as well.

Your Aesthetic Ideals and Goals

Another thing that will be discussed at your consultation is your personal set of aesthetic goals and aspirations from your appearance.

If you’re going in for a revision surgery, then the chances are that you were unhappy to some degree with the results of your initial eyelid surgery.

At your revision consultation, you and your physician will discuss the elements of your previous surgery results that you were unhappy with, and compose a plan moving forward to correct those perceived mistakes with your next surgery.

Assess The Scar Tissue Results from Your Previous Operation

Taken into account during this section of your surgery is the presence of the scar tissue that formed around the site of your previous eyelid surgery.

This scar tissue forms internally under the site of the surgery, and can take up to 6 months to heal and form after the initial surgery takes place.

It’s important that your physician takes into account the presence of such tissues, because their formation can fundamentally alter the path that your surgeon must take to successfully navigate the revision surgery.

This is due to the way that they can impact the fundamental shape of the other bodily tissues in the affected areas. This is another one of the reasons that a revision surgery is ultimately less predictable than an initial eyelid operation.

Discuss Other Possible Operations

A revision eyelid surgery can be successfully paired with other types of complimentary surgeries that can enhance the overall results of your revision operation. Some examples of these surgeries include:

  • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty: this is another type of eyelid surgery, performed on the lower eyelid.
  • Brow elevation: this procedure can help to cover up some of the asymmetries that may pop up from your revision surgery.
  • Ptosis repair: Revision surgery might include elements of this procedure, which can produce a more symmetrical look by lifting the upper eyelids slightly.

Depending on your personal medical history and situation, it might be quite possible to safely implement multiple procedures into your overarching revision surgery. Discussing these possibilities with your physician can help you try to optimize your revision surgery to be the most satisfying possible.

Your Recovery Timeline

Everyone has a different rate of recovery after complex procedures and operations. You and your physician will likely discuss what your previous timeline was like for your initial eyelid surgery, as well as what you might expect on the healing timeline for your revision surgery.

As stated before, revision surgeries can be complex and delicate operations, and the full results of your recovery period can take months to manifest.

Your medical professional should be able to provide you with the information you need to diligently plan for a successful and productive recovery period, with as little stress as possible.

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