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What’s My Eye Shape? How To Tell

As with all features of the human body, the eyes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with their shapes being determined by a set of factors that are almost as diverse as the eyes themselves. Now, you may wonder, what’s my eye shape and how to tell?

What’s My Eye Shape? How To Tell

The individual eye shape that makes up your eyes can impact a number of elements of your life, ranging from aesthetic choices and habits to even impacting elements of your vision.

What follows is a brief guide to what are considered the primary types of eye shapes, as well as some basic information on how to identify what type your own eyes are. This information can be invaluable if you’re considering obtaining almond-shape to the eyes through some type of surgery.

The Major Eye Types

Generally speaking, in the medical community, there are considered to be 10 primary types of eye shapes. These include:

  • Almond Eyes – The iris touches the eyelids on both bottom and top
  • Round Eyes – Round eyes have white on the bottom or top of the eyes that are visible
  • Monolid Eyes – A flat-appearing eye with no crease
  • Protruding Eyes – Eyes that appear to bulge slightly out of the socket
  • Downturned Eyes – Eyes that taper downward at the outer corner
  • Upturned Eyes – Eyes that have a slight lift at the outer corner
  • Close Set Eyes – Eyes that have less space in between them
  • Wide Set Eyes – Eyes that have plenty of space in between them
  • Deep-set Eyes Hooded Eyes – Eyes that are set deeper in the skull

Each of these types has its own distinct set of characteristics that help to distinguish it from the others.

For example, someone with Monolid Eyes does not have much of or any crease, while someone with Round Eyes has visibly noticeable creases. Taking note of differences such as these can help you or a medical professional make a call on what type of eye you possess.

How To Determine What Type of Eye You Have

There are several ways to determine what type of eye shape you have. Many of them have to do with certain features of the eye and its surrounding area. Here are some of the key points to look to in order to determine what type of eye shape you have.

1. Take a Look In The Mirror

Positioning a mirror at eye level can help you get a good view for determining your eye shape.

2. Make a Note of the Crease

One of the biggest indicators of eye shape is the shape and the size of the crease. For example, monolid eyes do not have very much of a crease at all. A visible crease opens up more options for investigation, as subtle differences in the crease can indicate different types of shapes.

3. Different Creases, Different Shapes

As you look to the crease to discover what type of shape you have, certain questions can help to clarify the identity of your eye shape. These include questions like:

  • Does the eye’s outer corner turn down? This indicates downturned eyes
  • Does the iris touch the bottom and top of the eyelid? You have almond-shaped eyes
  • Do the outer corners flick upwards? You have upturned eyes
  • Is the crease blocked by a skin flap? You have hooded eyes
  • Does the colored part of the eye have any white showing? You have round eyes

Questions like these cut to the heart of the matter and allow one to elucidate the shape of the eyes – knowledge that can be both aesthetically and medically pertinent depending on one’s situation.

Eye Shape and Eyelid Surgery

For a surgeon, understanding the shape of the eye can help to inform them on what the best strategy is to approach a surgery.

This, coupled with discussing your personal medical history and aesthetic goals, can offer a strong probability that the results of your operation will be satisfactory and lasting.

Additionally, understanding the shape of your eyes on a personal level can give the surgeon higher confidence as they enter the procedure, allowing them to assuage any anxieties you might have regarding the operation.

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