Will My Eyelids Look Normal After Bump Removal?

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Will My Eyelids Look Normal After Bump Removal?

For a variety of reasons, sometimes bumps can develop on the eyelids. It could happen to anyone, though it typically occurs to those who are going through the aging process. If you are dealing with these pesky bumps, do not worry: you are not stuck with that painful or irritating blemish forever. It is normal to wonder how this kind of surgery will impact you.

Will My Eyelids Look Normal After Bump Removal?

You might wonder, “Will my eyelids look normal after bump removal? Will the bumps ever return to my eyelids?” If you worry about how your eyelids will look after surgery, you can always consult your local eyelid surgeon. For the best eyelid surgery in your area, contact Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota today for help. We offer safe, comfortable, and innovative procedures to reform and reshape your eyelids like never before. Keep reading to see if this is the right procedure for you!

What Are Eyelid Bumps and How Do They Appear?

The eye naturally has oil glands in the eyelid. These glands help keep the eye lubricated, along with your tears. However, if these oil glands become blocked, a stye could form. This sort of bump is also called a chalazion. Though common, they can be frustrating to deal with as they form large bumps in a very visible area of the face. Styes can become infected if they are not treated right away. This only makes the area more painful and irritated. An uninfected stye can go away on its own. However, anybody experiencing immense stress or physical pain will want to consider eyelid bumps removal with the experts at Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota.

Another common eyelid bump is a cyst. In this case, cysts must be removed because even a drained cyst could fill back up. Remember, you should always consult a physician and never try to drain a stye or cyst by yourself at home!

How Will I Feel After Eyelid Bump Removal Surgery?

Keep in mind that this surgery does not have immediate results. The procedure involves anesthesia so you will not feel anything during the procedure. You can go home immediately afterward and start the recovery process, which can last for several days or even a few weeks.

You may need some time before you feel comfortable in public. Your eyelids will swell and you may see bruising around your eyes for 1 to 3 weeks post-operation. Most patients report that it takes them about 2 weeks to feel comfortable going back to work. If you are someone who worries that people will notice that you had eyelid surgery, then you can wait another week before returning to your normal life.

Thankfully, the results do not take too long to appear. After the initial healing phase, your eye will gradually look better over the next few months! It can take about 3 months to see your final results, though subsiding swelling will reveal a smooth and bump-free appearance in just a few days.

How Can I Prevent Eyelid Bumps From Forming?

While we offer a number of cutting-edge treatments to get rid of blemishes you might be facing, we also want to offer some prevention methods to help you protect your eyelids even further. The idea of eyelid surgery can be daunting to many young people or to those who have not had surgery before. For this reason, they may be more interested in taking a proactive approach to preventing eyelid bumps. Here are some things you can try:

  • Hand washing: Always make sure you are touching your eyelids with clean hands, especially if you are prone to eyelid bumps!
  • Eyelid washing: Using a mix of warm water and baby shampoo, you can gently remove excess oil on your eyelids. This is particularly good advice if you get a lot of eyelid bumps, and it can save you a lot of worry.
  • Oils: Fish oil, taken orally, and tea tree oil, applied to the eyelids, can help treat oil blockage as well as fight off the Demodex mite. Although Demodex is a perfectly common skin mite, it is also known to cause blepharitis, which can lead to the development of styes.

With your trusted eyelid surgeon in Minnesota, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. You do not need to waste another minute of your time worrying over your appearance or your ailing skin. By prioritizing your comfort and health, you open yourself up to plenty of potential. We want to prioritize your comfort as well, which is why we offer treatments that guarantee quick recovery times and long-lasting results. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with Eye Plastic Surgery of Minnesota today!